country cacklin's
Denise & Danny

After moving from California to rural Missouri in September of 2007 we decided to make this little picture history of our adventures in our new land for those friends and family we left behind. As time drifts by, it seems like there isn't much to report, but after awhile it adds up. So here are the little adventures of our life that may entertain those of you who have too much time on your hands. If you know us, you know how to get hold of us. Let us know you enjoy these to keep them coming.

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Click on the links below to keep up to date with our Missouri adventures.

Chapter One: September 2007—Our home search.
Chapter Two: November 2007—Settling in and experiencing the first Winter.
Chapter Three: March 2008—Our first Spring
Chapter Four: August 2008—The end of Summer
Chapter Five; March 2009—Surviving our second Winter.
Chapter Six; September 2009—The end of our second Summer.
Chapter Seven; April 2010—We're real ranchers now.
Chapter Eight; November 2010—The saga continues.
Chapter Nine; January 2012—Better late than never? You be the judge.
Chapter Ten; November 2012—Is there anybody out there?
Chapter Eleven; December 2013—Time marches on?
Chapter Twelve; December 2014—At least it helps me to remember what has happened when.