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We were sorry we were going to miss another Build-A-Thon but our hammers were calling so we started our own mini Build-A-Thon.

To keep in the spirit of Habitat, we decided to help out a local family we met down at the Orschlens Farm & Home store. The family's name is Sanders and they are originally from Kentucky. The family has a proud military history. Their grandfather was a decorated Colonel during WWII. The family is staying with us until their house is finished.
The building site has been readied and tradition ruled the day. As usual Danny hand-picked nothing but chicks to work on his house. The weather was a little cold so we worked indoors and pre-fabed the floor, walls and roof.
We moved the framework to the building site outside and started to assemble the parts. We got the walls up, insulated, sheathed and wrapped before lunchtime. Danny sponsored lunch like he always does, but for some reason, the fried chicken just didn't go over that well.
After lunch we got the roof, roof sheathing, paper and shingles up. The crew was anxious to start working on the siding but Danny cleaned up early so the crew could enjoy a few well-earned beers.
We spent the third day putting up and painting siding, and installing the trim and doors. Well, that's the end of our Build-A-Thon but construction will continue. The family should be moved in by the middle of April. We are going to let them get settled in and then have them over for dinner.


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